Dear readers,

Laboratory Phonology ( is the journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology ( The journal was launched in 2010. Its first six volumes were published by Mouton de Gruyter, and were available on a subscription basis. Last year, the Association decided that the journal should move to Fair Open Access, and was the first to commit to the Linguistics in Open Access initiative, LingOA (

We are happy to announce that this transition is now complete. The transition to Fair Open Access means above all that all papers appearing in Laboratory Phonology are directly available online to all free of charge, and that copyright stays with the articles’ authors. Little else changes with this transition: the Association for Laboratory Phonology still owns the journal; the review process is as rigorous as it used to be; the Associate Editors are the same; and the journal still publishes independent articles as well as articles centred around research themes (in particular selected papers from the prestigious biennial conference of the Association).

We have implemented a few more changes, which are not directly related to the transition to Open Access. The first one concerns the format of the articles: the articles are now formatted following the guidelines from the American Psychological Association (i.e., APA style). Second, the review process will now be single blind, instead of double blind, because we experienced that in most cases the reviewers knew or could easily find out who the articles’ authors were. Third, the journal now has an editorial board.

A final change is that Jennifer Cole stepped down as General Editor. Jennifer was instrumental in setting up the journal and was its first General Editor. We are very grateful for all the time and energy that she put in the journal over the last six years. No editor could have been more devoted to a journal than Jennifer was. Thanks to her, the journal is well esteemed, publishing research of a high standard. We are very happy that she is still involved in the journal as a member of the editorial board.

We would like to thank Linguistics in Open Access ( and the Open Library of Humanities ( for their financial support. LingOA will pay for the Article Processing Charges of the articles published in the journal for the next five years. The Open Library of Humanities will guarantee the continued publication of the journal after the first five years through its consortial library funding model.

From now on, all articles in Laboratory Phonology will be published via the Ubiquity Press platform (, the platform used by journals in the Linguistics in Open Access group. We welcome new submissions via this platform. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Mirjam Ernestus (General Editor) and Martine Grice (President of the Association for Laboratory Phonology)

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