Labphon Migrates to Janeway
Posted by OLH Janeway on 2021-09-07

 Laboratory Phonology has transitioned from its previous publication service provider, Ubiquity Press, to the Janeway platform run by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH).This means that Laboratory Phonology’s submission system, its logo, and the journal website have changed. All accounts and current submissions have been migrated to Janeway. Authors and reviewers will receive [...]

Impact Factor 2020
Posted by OLH Janeway on 2021-09-07

The Journal Impact Factors (JIF) have been released, and Laboratory Phonology's 2020 JIF is 1.667. This represents a healthy upward trend from 2019.The journal's category rankings by JIF are as follows:Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI): Linguistics Category - 66/193 Arts & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI): Linguistics & Languages Category - 33/205

Special Collection - Techniques and Methods for Investigating Speech Articulation
Posted by OLH Janeway on 2021-08-03

Collection launched: 17 Feb 2020 The special collection gathers papers on techniques and methods for the collection, analysis, and modelling of articulatory data. The focus is on the progress that these techniques and methods can make in laboratory phonology. Papers include selected contributions from the workshop on “New Developments in Speech Sensing and [...]

Special Collection -  Special Collection Prosody and Speech Processing across Languages and Varieties
Posted by OLH Janeway on 2021-08-03

This special collection brings together research which advances our understanding of the role of prosody in speech processing, concentrating on research which widens the range of languages and language varieties which contribute to this understanding. There is a focus on: (i) the role of prosody in semantic interpretation, including information structure; and (ii) prosody as an [...]