Distanced data collection: Remote data collection and online experimentation

Research in laboratory phonology has evolved rapidly over the past few years to include novel and innovative ways to gather data while operating within the constraints of imposed distance. This includes changes in ways we approach field work, making use of technological advances to facilitate gathering data and working with participants without requiring the researcher to be physically present.  At the same time, novel advances in online experimental methodology have likewise allowed for the collection and presentation of speech data in virtual environments, as an alternative to traditional laboratory-based experimentation.  

As these innovations become a part of the ‘new normal’ in research, this special collection assembles articles that document and discuss recent research making use of these methods for the benefit of the wider community. These papers address the opportunities afforded and challenges presented by conducting linguistic fieldwork and experiments that utilize remote collection, whether due to the pandemic, participant availability, or other issues such as political or climate-related factors, which make remote data collection beneficial.

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