Published: 21/03/22

The special collection brings together papers on the production, perception, and representation of phonological categories, both at the segmental and at the prosodic level. A wide perspective on the issue is given by contributions ranging from acoustic and articulatory investigations to neurophysiological and gestural studies, focusing on a variety of typologically different oral languages and on sign languages.

Published: 29/10/20

This special collection brings together research which advances our understanding of the role of prosody in speech processing, concentrating on research which widens the range of languages and language varieties which contribute to this understanding.

Published: 17/02/20

The special collection gathers papers on techniques and methods for the collection, analysis, and modelling of articulatory data. The focus is on the progress that these techniques and methods can make in laboratory phonology.

Published: 26/07/18

This series explores how continuous signal dynamics in speech production and perception can give rise to the formation, stability, and change of phonological categories in human speech processing.

Published: 04/04/17

This series explores the pervasive variability in speech prosody and its role in linguistic representation and linguistic processing.

Published: 13/03/17

In this special collection, we take stock of the latest theoretical developments in multidimensional prosody research.

Published: 30/06/16

This series aims to stimulate debate on the theory and practice of prosodic transcription, and its role in prosodic typology, phonological theory, second language teaching, as well as in speech synthesis and recognition applications.