Prosody and Speech Processing across Languages and Varieties

This special collection brings together research which advances our understanding of the role of prosody in speech processing, concentrating on research which widens the range of languages and language varieties which contribute to this understanding. There is a focus on: (i) the role of prosody in semantic interpretation, including information structure; and (ii) prosody as an organizational structure for speech production and perception.

The collection was inspired by discussions at the “Workshop on the Processing of Prosody across Languages and Varieties (ProsLang),” held in Wellington, New Zealand in November 2018. It includes contributions from workshop participants, as well as others, in response to an open call for papers in 2019. The collection is edited by Sasha Calhoun, Paul Warren, Janet Fletcher and Bettina Braun, with Olcay Türk and Mengzhu Yan.

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